ECU Transplants

From only £1,000

For the ultimate upgrade to your car's ECU a transplant ECU can be supplied and fully mapped. A transplant ECU allows for fully customised maps to be created that are specific not just to the make and model, but your car.

This is ideal for people who have modified cars, as it allows a map to be created that is specific to the modifications that have already been fitted to your car, allowing the absolute maximum level of performance to be achieved

Additional features are available with transplant ECUs, such as multiple maps allowing for fuels with differing octane ratings, along with launch control and anti-lag setups. Additional maps can be customised for specific road or track use. For more information on this highly customised service please contact Tristan at John Pye Motors

  • Remaps of previously fitted units - prices start from £100
  • Fitting and setting up of brand new replacement ECU - prices start from £1000
AEM Transplant ECU Simtek Transplant ECU GEMS Transplant ECU Motec Transplant ECU