PTune - up to 25% more fuel economy

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PTune remapping optimises the performance* of your car, helping to maximize your driving pleasure while reducing your fuel costs. Manufacturers have to limit the performance and economy of your vehicle to allow for drivers who do not adhere to correct servicing schedules and to take into account sub-standard fuels people may put into their car. PTune will free your engine from those limits, and allow you to get the most from your car. Servicing your vehicle to your manufacturer’s requirements and running on any UK fuel is all you need to do once a PTune remap has been applied to your vehicle.

Using our equipment we can remap the majority of vehicles, both petrol and diesel manufactured since 1999. We can improve the performance of your petrol vehicle and in the case of a diesel we can improve both the performance and economy.

PTune Ecomap Logo We offer three standard stages of mapping:-
  • Economy – map to optimise the efficiency of your vehicle providing up to 25% more fuel economy.
  • Standard - a mixture of both extra power and economy providing up to 25% more power and 20% economy.
  • Power – a map purely in the interests of increasing performance providing up to 30% more power.

This form of chipping/remapping is totally untraceable and is easily reversed. Speed limiters can also be removed to allow the vehicle to realise its full potential.

If you have modified your vehicle a PTune remap will help ensure you reap the maximum benefits from those performance modifications. A PTune remap is NOT a generic map that is merely uploaded to your car. Each remap is specific to your vehicle, ensuring your individual modifications are taken into account.

Recently we have invested in the equipment which enables us to remap Tricore ECUs which are sometimes found in VWs, Audis, Skoda and Seat from 2009 onwards.

The PTune system used by John Pye Motors incorporates the use of many different types of tuning and diagnostic equipment in order to maximise the results for your particular vehicle and application.

Where necessary, our bespoke PTune service utilises the very best BDM tuning equipment that is currently available on the market. A lot of standard tuning systems rely solely on connecting to your vehicle by its ODB port. This is simply not possible in all circumstances. Our BDM tuning equipment connects directly to your car’s ECU circuit board, allowing us unrestricted access. You can be confident that a BDM remap will be of the highest possible standard for your vehicle.

Price list:
  • Most cars £200
  • Boot loader maps £300
  • Tricore £300
  • BDM maps £300
Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Package deals are available for fleets or groups of 3+.

*You should inform your insurer of modifications to your car’s performance. Premiums may remain unchanged, especially if you use an insurance provider who understands the benefit to economy that this service can provide.