We value our customer's feedback for all aspects of our work. Often we see wild claims on the internet regarding enhancing a vehicle's performance, or increasing its economy. Here you will find real world customer feedback, giving the real story about the benefits of remapping your vehicle.

These comments cover a wide range of cars, both old and new. Best results are seen with turbo charged vehicles, in particular turbo diesels.

Our Customer's Feedback

Date Car Owner Feedback
Jan 2010 MY99 Subaru Impreza Turbo Mr A Jackson I opted for a full Simtek replacement ECU to be fitted. This made the best use of the sports cat stainless steel exhaust and allowed the car to be tuned to my specification. Turbo response was more aggressive, with more boost being available earlier on in the rev range. Power was maintained to higher revs, while mid range torque was not only maintained, but enhanced. Estimated power levels increased by 35% with an increase in economy of about 10% when cruising. Performance levels increased from UK turbo levels to that of the newage STI with PPP. Away from public roads my car was very competitive with late model Hawkeye STI PPP'ed cars.
March 2010 Renault Traffic Mr B Robinson I use my vehicle for towing, and the remap gave much more torque which helped maintain a consistent cruise speed my easier. Helped pulling away drastically and also improved the economy.
May 2010 2005 Skoda Fabia VRS At least 8mpg more, more torque, faster and more driveable
June 2010 2009 Audi R8 V8 Mr Johnson Customer confirmed that the car's performance and driveability has increased. PTune Gallery
August 2010 Renault Clio Ms M Hutchinson With it being a petrol vehicle, they told me that fuel economy would not change drastically, if at all. In actual fact I saw a 3mpg increase and also the car felt much sharper and quicker to accelerate.
September 2010 Skoda Octavia VRS Mr Curputh A lot faster, with better economy.
November 2010 VW Scirocco Mr S Anderson Better throttle response, with more torque and about 15% better economy.
Feb 2011 E60 BMW 535d Mr RS Jackson Car is immediately more responsive, with more power and torque available across the rev range. Engine note has changed, with the car sounding overall much sweeter. Fuel economy has increased by around 10%-12%
Nov 2011 Vauxhall Astra SRi CDTi 150 Mr A Jackson This vehicle is my second Astra. Both the first Astra and this vehicle had diesel tuning boxes fitted. While these boxes were very effective in obtaining power, the car smoked quite a bit and was not as smooth when going onto boost as I wanted. A mid level PTune map maintained all the performance of a tuning box, but also produced less smoke, made a little more economy and was much nicer to drive.