Min restoration

Total renovation and rebuild of a mini. Years of salt erosion have reduced this mini to a sorry state of disrepair. The owner has requested a full rebuild and fitment of styling parts to create a unique look

Stage 1 - Stripping

This mini was totally stripped down to its bare shell. This involved removing all the panels, interior, dashboard, lights, wiring loom. Basically, everything that could be removed from the vehicle was taken away and inspected for its suitability to be repaired and returned to the vehicle.

Stage 2 - Rust Removal

This was the dirtiest stage of the restoration, as all the old rust needed to be ground out from the body shell. This revealed the poor state of repair of various areas of the car. The heavily rusted areas were cut out and replacement panels were fitted.

Stage 3 - Preparation

The shell was then rust protected with an etching primer. Then all joints were sealed in preparation for painting.

Stage 4 - Painting

After all the preparation, the shell is now taken for painting in our paintshop. The full vehicle is spray filled, then rubbed down to ensure any minor defects can be corrected. Then the vehicle is primed, rubbed down again, the inside of the car sprayed, door apertures, roof and finally the body.

Stage 5 - Assembly

The final phase of the project, here the whole car is assembled, along with leather interior and custom dashboard. Once everything is checked the vehicle is delivered to the customer, who were delighted with the final result.