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With vehicles becoming more reliant on computer diagnostic systems over the years we have invested in the best diagnostic equipment available.  We have bespoke diagnostic systems for Vauxhall, Seat, Audi, VW and Skoda and a generic “Launch” system to cover all other manufacturers (e.g. BMW, Mercedes). In addition to the above, we have recently invested in a Bosch KTS diagnostic system. As Bosch are one of the main manufacturers of engine management units, their diagnostic equipment is some of the best on the market for diagnosing issues with Bosch ECUs.

These systems are continually updated and are able to diagnose faults in the car's electronic systems, whether it is an automatic gearbox or an air conditioning system issue.

Our diagnostic services start from £35

Diagnostic Procedures:

Vehicles have now developed to the point that there are a number of diagnostic procedures that have to be carried by suitable diagnostic equipment. These items were previously easily reset, e.g. a service light, but now even a service light is more difficult as there are often up to 30 items that have to be reset in order for the light to turn off.

Common procedures that have to be carried out are:-

  • Service light reset
  • Steering Wheel angle re-alignment
  • Brake fluid reset
  • Brake pad wear sensor reset

Particle Filter Regeneration Burn:

A lot of the modern diesels, particularly in the VAG range (VW AUDI Skoda) have particle filters. These units are necessary to pass the emissions test, and cannot be removed. Over time these items can become blocked, which triggers a fault light on the dashboard, while also impairing the vehicles performance. The usual solution is to replace the particle filter at a cost of more than £600. At JPM we can perform a Particle Filter Regeneration procedure which removes the blockage by cleaning the filter returning the vehicle back to its original state. This procedure is available from £160 + VAT and can be performed on cars manufactured by Alfa, Audi, Citroen, Fiat, Peugeot, Seat, Skoda, Vovlo and VW.

Currently on special offer for £120+VAT


If your vehicle has been involved in an accident and the airbags have been deployed, we can replace not only the airbags themselves, but also reset/replace the airbag ECUs and warnings lights.

If you have a persistent fault light that is triggered because of some performance modification to your vehicle, we can recalibrate your ECU so that fault is no longer triggered. This is a far better option to removing, or disabling a fault light as other original functionality is retained. Available from £100+VAT.


On modern vehicles your keys are coded to your car. The reasons for this are varied, ranging from operating your alarm correctly, to recording servicing information that can be used at a future date. If for some reason you need to replace a damaged or stolen key we are able to code the replacement key to your vehicle correctly.

Speedometer Re-fitting:

We can replace your speedometer if the original unit has developed a fault. After the replacement unit has been fitted we can alter the mileage on the new unit to correlate to actual number of miles the vehicle has covered. Please note, under no circumstances are we prepared to alter the mileage of a vehicle to below its actual value – please do not ask for this service.

Retro Fitting:

We are able to retro fit manufacturer’s parts. For example, we can retro fit cruise control to a car that was originally purchased without this option. We can acquire the necessary parts, and make the correct adjustments to your car’s wiring loom and electronic control unit to allow for correct operation of these items.

Turbo Actuator / Position Sensor calibration

If you have had a turbo actuator motor failure on your Audi / VW / SEAT and are seeing fault codes such as P1018 after replacement you may need your actuator recalibrating. This cannot be done with a diagnostic tool. It has to be calibrated directly using a VAS 6395A.

This tool can also test the motor to determine if a replacement is necessary.