Subaru Services

We have been involved with Subaru's in motorsport since they were first rallied in this country.

Our specialised team is able to carry out any work needed on your Subaru.

For example:

  • Specialist maintenance and servicing
  • Rebuilding engines to any specification required, including highly modified options. Please have a look at the section in the Motorsport area.
  • Fitting ECUs and mapping modified engines to maximise performance.
  • Repairing or modification of gearboxes.
  • Fitting performance brake materials using standard calipers, or performance brake kits.
  • Gear linkage bush kits and quickshifts fitted
  • Remapping your centre differential ECU, if electronic.
  • Fully Active Centre Differential setup, by using your ABS sensors and replacing only your original ECU.
  • Turbo timers, gauges, and tuning parts fitted.
  • Four wheel laser wheel alignment carried out
  • Our experience with Subaru has provided us with a wealth of experience and expertise in servicing and maintaining these vehicles to a very high standard.


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Diagnosing problems with Subarus can be extremely difficult, even with electronic diagnostic equipment. This is due to many faults being something different to the fault that diagnostic equipment will indicate. Based upon our extensive technical experience we have been able to solve complex problems which others have failed to resolve. As a result we have gained an enviable reputation with our customers for solving many difficult issues.

We have a large stock of test parts which supports our specialist engineers who are capable of diagnosing even the most difficult intermittent electrical faults.

We can fit complete replacement ECUs where necessary. This allows us to finely control all aspects of the car's electronic systems. These can be fitted and setup for a fixed price.